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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Power of Vulnerability Teachings on Authenticity Connection and Courage #pdf  by Phd Lmsw

Teachings on Authenticity Connection and Courage

Sounds True | ISBN:1604078588 | Compact Disc Audio Product | File size: 67.Mb | Nov. 15th, 2012
Self Esteem: Teachings on Authenticity Connection and Courage In our cture vnerability has become synonymous with weakness Yet Dr Brene Brown has discovered through 12 years of research that vnerability is not weakness at all but is our strongest connection to our humanity and to each other Vnerability is the birthplace of love belonging empathy creativity and authenticity the experiences that bring meaning to our lives teaches Dr Brown On The ower of Vnerability she offers a breakthrough course on ctivating vnerability as a means for leaning into our fl spectrum of emotions the dark and the light Join her for a transformative examination of how we feel think and behave so that we may show up let ourselves be seen and be all in

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