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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The New Male Sexuality The Truth about Men Sex and Pleasure #pdf  by Bernie Zilbergeld

The Truth about Men Sex and Pleasure

Bantam | ISBN:0553380427 | File Type: PDF, 432 pages | File size: 23.Mb | Jul. 6th, 1999
General Men s Studies: The Truth about Men Sex and Pleasure The New Male Sexuality addresses the most urgent questions of men today and of the women who love them Bernie Zilbergeld reports findings from his twenty years as a psychologist specializing in human sexuality as well as those other experts in the field and shares his own and his clients experiences the rest is the most comprehensive guide ever to enhancing desire and arousal focusing on pleasure rather than performance and keeping sex exciting and ffilling Clear comprehensive witty and refreshingly realistic The New Male Sexuality is destined to be a ic of the nineties and beyond From the aperback edition

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