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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Woman s Way Through the Twelve Steps Workbook #pdf  by S Covington

Hazelden Publishing Educational Services | ISBN:1568385226 | File Type: PDF, 104 pages | File size: 66.Mb | Aug. 9th, 2000
Twelve Step Programs: Women s recovery can differ from men s and each person s recovery is in many ways unique That s why Stephanie Covington has designed this workbook to help a woman find her own path and find it in terms especially suited to the way women experience not just addiction and recovery but also relationships self sexuality and everyday life Deepening and extending the lessons of a book that has helped countless women this workbook makes A Woman s Way Through the Twelve Steps that much more measured meaningf and clear Unlike many rewritten Twelve Step interpretations for women this guide works with the original Step language preserving its spirit and focusing attention on its healing message In sections devoted to each of the Twelve Steps Covington blends narrative self assessment questions focused on a feminine definition of terms such as powerlessness and letting go guided imagery exercises and physical activities Designed to be used in conjunction with A Woman s Way Through the Twelve Steps this workbook helps deepen and extend understanding of the lessons taught there and further empowers each woman to take ownership of her recovery process as well as her growth as a woman A clinician and past constant at the Betty Ford Center Stephanie S Covington h D L C S W is the author of A Woman s Way Through the Twelve Steps Leaving the Enchanted Forest The ath from Relationship Addiction to Intimacy and Awakening Your Sexuality A Guide for Recovering Women

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